Whole-disk Encryption Software: SystemCrypt for Windows

Encrypt your laptop with SystemCrypt

SystemCrypt is powerful whole-disk encryption software that uses the strong encryption algorithms such as AES (Advanced Encryption Standard), with the key lengths 128, 192, or 256 bits, to ensure the protection of your data in case your laptop or notebook gets lost or stolen. You can use System Crypt to encrypt the entire system drive of your computer, to protect both your confidential documents and the operating system. Until a valid password is entered, the encrypted laptop cannot be booted. Even if its system disk is removed and attached to another computer for the analysis, the data on your hard disk will be preserved and appear as random bytes that have no resemblance of their original contents. Only if you enter the correct password, the encrypted system drive becomes instantly accessible to the operating system installed on it, and the laptop can operate normally, as if no encryption were in place. SystemCrypt uses a highly optimized, high-performance system driver to ensure smooth operation of your notebook without a noticeable decrease of its performance.

What you can do with SystemCrypt:

  • Encrypt laptop
  • Encrypt notebook
  • Encrypt desktop computer
  • Encrypt workstation
  • Encrypt server
  • Encrypt any computer running Windows 2000 or later

SystemCrypt stores your password in an encoded form using the secure hash algorithms such as SHA-512, or WHIRLPOOL. An option to create an emergency recovery disc is offered, too, to provide an alternative way of accessing the encrypted system disk, should the area with the encryption driver become corrupted or damaged. Without the correct password, it is not possible to extract the data from the encrypted disk, even if all computers on earth were to work together on trying to decipher your data!

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